Q:  I'm not very tech savvy.  Are your systems difficult to operate?

A:  No.  We'll set you up with an easy to navigate, activity based remote control, contoured and programmed to your system.  We'll also coordinate a family tutorial if you'd like.  If you can find your way around a smart phone, you can operate your system!

Q:  We're building a new home.  At what point should we contact you?

A:  A properly installed audio/video system requires careful planning and mapping.  We advise that you include us in your house plans, just as you would your electrical and plumbing details.  However, it's never too late, and we can help in any situation.

Q:  I don't like clutter!  Do all of the electronic components have to be in the same room?

A:  No.  With RF technology, the remote controls we use can operate components behind closed doors, or hidden in another room.  The end result is a very sleek and clean looking installation with no wire clutter or bulky components to look at.

Q:  Can't I just use a cheap indoor TV outside instead of an outdoor display?

A:  You can, but we don't recommend it.  Indoor TVs are built for the indoors, and outdoor displays for the outdoors.  Outdoor TVs combat glare, heat, cold, humidity and insects, enhancing the outdoor viewing experience.